About Hoffie Nursery

Wholesale Growers in the Midwest

Carsten and Allyson Hoffmeyer began Hoffie Nursery, Inc. in 1990. Carsten's dream had always been to grow –PERENNIAL QUALITY– plants for garden centers and landscapers. That dream has evolved into Hoffie being one of the leading wholesale perennials growers in the Chicagoland area.

Our resources were very limited in the beginning. We simply had 8 acres of land, a couple of quonset houses, a pick up truck, watering hoses, handcarts and a few employees. Carsten had once been told that to start a business, you need a lot of money and a lot of guts. Money was not plentiful, but guts and a market for quality perennials were on our side!

The phlox that dots the {i} in our logo, represents the first plant sold. Our motto –PERENNIAL QUALITY-® is a pledge to provide plants that meet our high standards of quality, year after year. Through the years, we have increased our plant selection to over 600 different varieties, 45 acres of land, 167 quonset houses, heated greenhouses, automated irrigation, our brand name labels, computerized inventory, box trucks and semi-trucks with rail-gates, more employees and much more experience. What will never change is our pride in growing the highest quality plant material on the market.
We have had the opportunity to contract-grow plants for several landscapers and architects, to enhance the beauty of the Midwest with some exciting Chicago land projects. You can enjoy our plants at; Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, Morton Arboretum, The Sheraton Hotel, Fort Sheridan, The Amoco Building and Jackson Park, just to name a few.

In 2002, we began a sister propagation company-GET Group, Inc. Hoffie Nursery had been producing its own liners for several years and as a result saw a much improved finished product. It was decided to produce and offer liners to the mass market, as a separate company. We sell quality liners coast to coast and into Canada. We are privileged to be licensed to grow many new and exciting plants. Having GET Group as our liner supplier has been extremely beneficial for Hoffie. We know the plants are 'true-to-name' and we are then guaranteed –perennial quality- right from the GET go! We are now well rooted and will continue to grow and flourish.

We are proud members of IGIA, ILCA, MELA and WGIF. Carsten Hoffmeyer is a Past President of IGIA. Allyson Hoffmeyer currently serves of the IGIA board.

Hoffie Nursery has been growing quality perennials since 1990.