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Fennel/Foeniculum vulgare (Tender Perennial)

This semi-hardy perennial herb has deep green, feathery leaves and blooms of compound umbels of yellow. This delicate herb is also very ornamental in the garden. As great texture behind other herbs or perennials. Also works well in a container.  Crushed seeds can be used in baking. Fresh leaves can be used to flavor butters, salads, vegetables and fish. Retains color when cut.

Full Sun
Foliage Color
Dark Green
Soil Moisture
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Season of Interest (Foliage)
Additional Information about Fennel

The Romans named the plant foeniculum, which is dereived from the Latin word foenum, which means 'hay'.

Growing & Maintenance Tips for Fennel

Every part of fennel is edible. Serves nicely as a background for herb gardens. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil. Begin snipping leaves when plant is established. Harvest seeds when they start turning from yellowish-green to brown.